Digging Deeper Introduction

An Introduction to Digging Deeper

To: Current and Potential Leaders in Gaston County

For several years I have considered writing about major human issues right here at home in Gaston County.

Is now the time to begin? Yes, I think so and hope you will agree.

The highlights are:

  1. about 304 “leaders” across Gaston County are in my network.
  2. friends have agreed to help, especially writing on issues for which they are both well informed and have high passion.
  3. 102 topics have thus far been accumulated. Most are about our human issues.
  4. and, we will report newsworthy stuff with high emphasis on applying business principles of continuous improvement.

Please take a look at
 our guidelines and purpose statement listed below.

I hope you will help this ship float by reading, giving serious thought, making comments, taking action yourself, and encouraging others to become involved.

Look for the second letter soon with a starter list of future letters with authors.


Bill Seabrook 


1. Publish monthly or when inspiration dominates
2. Each publication limited to one page
3. Quick read of serious stuff relating to human issues in Gaston County
4. Emphasize connection with Gaston Faith Network
5. Seek contributions and memberships
6. Use RIch Galen’s and Richard Rohr’s newsletter as models
7. Focus will be on positive, negatives and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
8. Promote leadership at all levels
9. Offer thoughts by guest writers, who are informed on subjects that fit
10. Issue calls to action!
11. Establish measurements: measure and report quarterly


1. To inform current and potential leaders in Gaston County of problem issues, mostly human issues, which need continuous improvement.
2. To strengthen the culture where we live
3. To actively promote: “Now that you know, what will you do?”
4. To encourage networking and collaboration as means to getting the needed work done


2 thoughts on “Digging Deeper Introduction

  1. Brenda Craig

    This is a great opportunity for keeping these issue on the front burner and working together. It is also a forum for “everyone” to be involved at some level working for the betterment of the whole. Looking forward to what’s next!


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