Marriage – Why it is Important

A long time ago, God created man and saw that it was not good for man to be alone.  None of the animals He had created before man were a suitable mate for man, so God created woman from the rib of man.  And God saw that it was good!

That was the beginning of the relationship of man and woman that we still struggle with today.  As I observe it, we are faced with two developments our culture has approved that threaten our very existence.  Does that sound strong?  Hear me out.

The two problems that I see, are cohabitation, and homosexual “marriage”.  Both of these are having a detrimental effect on marriage as an institution created by God, an I don’t care if you believe in God or not.  The institution is critical for society to survive.

The original plan was for man and woman to make a commitment to each other to “become one” and stay that way for their whole lives.  In that arrangement, they would, with the grace of God, conceive, bear and rear children. They would live in harmony and enjoy the benefits of love and companionship with each other, and the pleasure of seeing children grow and mature to become useful, caring, and compassionate members of society.

History has shown us, very graphically, that when a man and woman cohabit without the commitment that marriage implies, and children are born of this union, most often they fail and children are the victims of their parents lack of preparation and commitment.

By definition, homosexual unions are not “marriage” and all attempts by shouting and law will never change that.  I am not making any judgment of homosexual unions, that is between them and God, but they are not and never will be “married”, and continuing to make laws and rancor about it only tends to weaken and hurt what marriage is intended to be.

I fear that too many good people of Judean and Christian principals (and I would presume Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu faiths as well) are doing what good people tend to do best when there is a social problem.  They do nothing, hoping someone else will take care of it.

I think we have a serious social problem, our families are failing, way too often, to persist, rear God loving, responsible children into adults capable of supporting and caring for themselves, and contributing to society.  We have more and more children entering our schools who are not even close to being at their age level because their parents have failed to do what the original plan implied.  Marriage is the root of our society, if the family is solid and secure, so is the society.  Mess with the family and you mess with society.

A good, committed, and harmonious marriage will produce children who honor and respect adults, make the effort to learn, and strive to find their way in the world.  Then they will truly understand the vision and the need for repeating the process.

How long do you intend to do nothing and continue to watch more and more of our children grow up poorly educated, NOT because of the school system,  but because the school system has so little to work with, and next to no cooperation from the parent/s.

John Weisenhorn


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