I have always believed organizations should measure and update progress- then share with the community. So, with that in mind, here goes:

1. Our first newsletter was sent April 2. Since then a total of eleven articles have been published. All are sent via e-mail on the first and third Wednesdays.

2. All articles are written by highly qualified local leaders who are excellent writers.

3. We have addressed eleven important issues right here in Gaston County.

4. Thirty-five writers have either already written, are scheduled to publish, or are on our list to write at the appropriate time.

5. Lisa Boggs, owner of Boggs Marketing Group, LLC is helping. She reports reader “openings “since our beginning have been as high as 68% (the industry average is 17%!)

6. Our e-mail list has increased from 282 to 605. Goal: 1,000.

Want to add someone’s name to our list? Please do. Just let me know.

We have now accumulated eighty-six topics that seem to merit addressing as we continue to seek more topics of high interest.

Continuous improvement is very important so tell us what you think we should know.

Thank you.

Bill Seabrook


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